How to embroider a mouth on a stuffed animal

It might look a bit daunting but if you follow the instructions carefully it should only take about 5 or 10 minutes

Step 1. It might help to draw the mouth on very lightly with a pencil or a vanishing fabric marker. Take a 10cm doll Needle threaded with about an arms length of embroidery floss.

Push the needle in through the back of the head and bring it out right at the centre of the mouth. Leaving a good length of thread inside the head.

Follow the illustration "Step 1". Each step is numbered. Try and keep the first two holes quite close to one another, just 3 or 4 mm apart is about right.



When you're finished, pull the knot tight.

Then change the needle to a smaller embroidery needle. 


 Step 2. Push the needle back into the top hole and bring it back out about 5mm from one side of the mouth as illustrated.



Step 3. The mouth is made with a backstitch. Start your backstitch and work from one side of the mouth to the other. If you’re unfamiliar with a backstitch have a look at the illustration.



Step 4. the final mouth stitch needs to go back inside the head and come out on the vertical line. Aim for about 5mm above the starter knot that you tied at the very beginning.

Then start a backstitch and work up the line.




Step 5. To make the closing knot, follow the steps in the illustration Keep the embroidery floss tight and neat.





If you’d like to put a cross on the belly button area use the same backstitch method.