Free Elephant sewing pattern

A nice project for a beginner or a quick present for a birthday party?


 Approximate size 30 x 22cm (12 x 7”) 

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With the fabric of your choice cut out 2 body panels (1 reverse) and 4 ears and 1 tail.




1. Assembling the Ears Panels
Place an ear right side up. Place another ear right side down on top of it (right side to right side). Pin and sew around it, making sure to leave the top end open as illustrated.
Turn the ear right side out.
Turn in the seam at the top (about 5mm). Press the seam with a hot Iron.
Then repeat with the second ear 




 2. Making the Tail:

Take the tail piece, place it right side down. Turn over the hem at the end about 5mm and sew straight across

Now place the fabric right side down. Fold in the two edges so they meet in
the middle (illustration 2a)

Now fold the two sides over on top of one another and sew along the edge.

Finally tie a knot in
the end




3. Attaching the ears:

Take one body piece. Place it right side up Take the paper template,
line it up on top and mark the line where the
ear attaches using chalk, a pencil or a disappearing pen

Line up the ear with the chalk mark and sew straight across close to the edge.
Repeat with the other side





4. Joining both sides:

Take one body piece. Place it right side facing up. Take the tail and lay it on top. Use the notches to place the tail in the correct place and with the knot placed inwards as illustrated

Take the second body piece. Place it on top right side facing down. Pin and sew but leave an opening on the base of the back leg to turn your Elephant right side out




4b. Now using the opening on the leg, turn the the whole Elephant right side out and stuff. As you stuff keep one hand pressed down on top of the Elephant to keep it flat and stop any bulging.






Use a ladder stitch to invisibly close the opening on the leg. It will be a lot easier if you use an extra strong thread (buttonhole thread or nylon coated work well)

Start the stitch from the underside of the fabric

Tip! Notice that the stitch that goes under the fabric is slightly longer. This will knit the two sides together more neatly. 

To finish, keep your nail on the knot and pull tight. Do a double knot if you prefer.

Feed the needle back down the same hole and come out a few inches away. Give a sharp tug to pull the knot inside the seam . Cut the thread.


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Free Elephant Pattern